DJ Ranger Den - My Fellow Mannabadoos

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By the way, I made it this length IN PROTEST.

Nonetheless, each repetition, each loop, each nuanced pause and scrape and hiss and pregnant silence until the four seconds over two minutes is a profound allegory of those political choices facing all individuals.


My fellow Mannabadoos ...
We’ve won the election,
we are the owners of everything now!
That’s how this all goes

Now you get to gloat!
You’ve won the election and you are the bridge trolls and everyone knows
whatever goes on past the curtain's not real
(in fact there’s no curtain at all..)

oh look! oh they’re making a scene!
just look what they're doing
Oh! No! They’re embarrassing me! … everyone who disagrees
may they spend millennia with their underwear full of fleas
my fellow Mannabadoos ...

My fellow Mannabadoos ...
You know that I won this this thing fairly. squarely.
and you know I keep score!
and if you disagree we’ll work out a square deal,
I’ve done this before!
(that’s what prison is for) fellow Mannabadoos …
my fellow Mannabadoos


from SpinTunes #12: Round 1, released January 31, 2017




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