Young Stroke aka Young Muscle - My Name Is Death

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it's meeeee - ya boy grim reaper
if you hatin' on me you're a dirty ol' creeperrrr

it's meeeee - ya boy grim reaper
when i step on the scene homey open your peepers
don't be some sleepers - or you'll be eternal sleepin'
push me off the deep end, and your loved ones'll be weepin'
on twitter i'm tweeting and my face is on facebook
heck every now and then - i give my myspace a look
i got a job - one hell of a job
my job - is one that makes people sob
'cause i rob people of life - but it's my living
so instead of hating - it's me you should be forgiving
- it ain't easy, believe me
plus i wear a cloak that's hella creepy
plus i'm reaping hella souls
scroll down to the end of my sleeves i'm skeletal
but whatev's i'm center stage like macbeth
let me introduce myself - my name is death

that's right - i kill hella folks
like a bodybuilder consumes hella egg yolks
or wheels have spokes
or cheech and chong take hella tokes
if you smoke hella smokes expect to see me
also if you drive fast in the lamborghini
or choke on linguini, i might end your life
scroll down to my hand - in it there's a scythe
i might - harvest your soul
when it comes to claiming lives i'm the smartest you know
seasons don't fear the reaper
but people do, and there goes my beeper
i got a page - it says KILL KILL KILL
like uma thurmond in kill bill
when i chill - i listen to opeth
as stated previously - it's your bro DEATH!


from SpinTunes #3: Round 1, released June 21, 2011




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