Brian Gray - Not Even Close (Shadow)

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Best day ever
Everybody says this ought to be
The best day ever
Behold a brand new baby boy for me
A miracle for me

She said they're over
Ancient history, so long ago
She swore they're over
But wanting to believe don't make it so
It don't make it so

That's not my hair
That's not my nose
I don't have gills or scales, antennae
Purple skin or sixteen toes
His mother says he's got my double chin
Ok, that's something I suppose
But he doesn't have my eyes
Not even close

A flying saucer
A contest lost before it had begun
He owns a saucer
And spare vacation home around the sun
At Lagrange point number 1

Persuasive speaker
Seducing governments around the globe
Hypnotic speaker
Enticing her that underneath his robe
Is not just a probe

That's not my hair
That's not my nose
He's got these backward-jointed elbows
And his belly button glows
His mother has the nerve to claim she thinks
That he resembles me the most
But he doesn't have my eyes
Not even close

He's waiting outside
I'm in here where angels fear to tread
I'm headed outside
Gently kissing Khaghlalghah on the head
A goodbye kiss on the head

We pass each other
I'm glaring at his stupid double chin
We eye each other
I step out of the life he's stepping in
As a new life begins

That's not my hair
That's not my nose
My teeth don't lengthen when I'm hungry
Holy...what the hell are those
His mother thinks that stuff that he exudes is cute
It's really kind of gross
And he doesn't have my eyes…


from SpinTunes #1: Round 3, released July 28, 2010
Brian Gray




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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