Dr. Lindyke - O Hail To You Fidonia (Shadow)

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When questions arose regarding the definition of a "country", I told the other judges that in my view, "if a bunch of fleas formed a government, the dog they lived on would be a country."

This is their song:


O Hail To You, Fido-nia
A land of comfort and ease
From your collar to tail-bone-ia
The Homeland of the Fleas

Your rolling hills
So muscular
Are to us heaven-sent
We drink our fill
From your flowing nourishment

O Hail To You, Fido-nia!
O Hail To You, Fido-nia!
O Hail To You, Fido-nia!

Your luscious coat, preeminent
With never mange or thatch
Your tolerance, magnificent
You never roll or scratch

O Fido, fair
Beneath your hair
We live our lives in peace
And sing to you,
The Homeland of the Fleas
We sing to you,
The Homeland of the Fleas!


from SpinTunes #9: Round 1, released July 15, 2014
Fleas provided courtesy of Fido.

No fleas were harmed in the production of this audio track.




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