Bryan Schumann - oblagetauta agmepulot

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The night of December 21st, 2015 I had the most vivid dream in which I became completely lucid. I looked down at my hands and my right index finger was missing at the first knuckle. When I raised my head I saw a creature covered in feathers but with a lion’s head. It repeated over and over to me oblagetauta agmepulot. Light like that of an intense fire rose from all around as the chanting came to a climax. Recalling the experience chills me to this day. The next morning I promptly wrote the dream down in my journal and began Google searching the words in as many spelling variations as I could come up with, but found nothing concrete. After reading about this challenge, these words immediately came back to me. I mentioned this all to my wife and she suggested breaking it down using a Dictionary of Words Roots which I wasn’t aware sat on our book shelves. So I did.
ob = Against (Latin)
la = The People (Germanic)
ge = The Earth (Germanic)
taut = The Same (Germanic)
a = Not Without, but Together (Germanic)
agm = A Fracture, Fragment (G); A Stream (L)
epulot = Healing; A Scar (G)
My ultimate take away from the experience of the dream mixed with the vagueness of the above translations is represented in this song. “Without Human Can Earth Survive?” is an idea I found in the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. There is no way to tell if the author means “If humans are not around to harm Earth, would that give Earth a chance to survive” or “If humans are not there to save Earth, will it be able to survive.” To me it comes down to understanding a situation, discontinuing pointing at others to blame, and taking personal responsibility to act as a true care giver for that which we each truly care about each and every day.

The key is Db minor. I use a borrowed major V and a borrowed minor vi during the bridge.


oblagetauta agmepulot
Without human can Earth survive?
We are made from the same star stuff.
We are one with each other and one with the Earth.
When we disrespect each other and disrespect our mother we always end up hurting the ONE that is US.
oblagetauta agmepulot
Without human can Earth survive?
With a world made for living and breathing we are all alone together on this tiny, little speck of dust.
Can we learn that endless growth is unsustainable?
Can we heal our fractured Gaia and heal the ONE that is US?
The water’s rising quickly and there’s no life boat in sight…
oblagetauta agmepulot
Without human can Earth survive?


from SpinTunes #12: Round 3, released February 28, 2017




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