Jim Holmquist - Old Dan Next Door

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Most of this stuff came from my own imagination, but I did borrow some ideas about the antagonist, and about lucid dreaming from the Radio Lab podcast episode, Sorts: Wake Up And Dream.


Old Dan next door, he's a widower
and I am a divorcee.
At the fence he told me
of his strange recurring dream.

Every night attacked, by a man in black.
hovering by the window in the air
Scratching at the glass
asks to be let in, to do some killing.

What are the things that make you sweat.
Rock you to the core?
Are they things that you regret,
and give you night terrors?
MIne are things that haven't happened yet.

I jumped the fence and scraped my knee
Dan held his service revolver to a peach tree
I turned him 180 degrees
And my whispers gave him weapons to use within the seams.


The Man in Black and the Vietcong attack with a firefight.
Dan next door, and shoeless Joe reply with their bats that are made of light.
The bullets ricochet like dice in a pinball machine.
Dan lands a killing blow and screams a primal scream

Dan next door had that dream since he was four
but they ended with him the victor.
And I whispered weapons in his ear
because everyone needs a friends when they facing down their fears.



from SpinTunes #4: Round 1, released January 31, 2012




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