Young Stroke aka Young Muscle - One Dollar Robber (Shadow)

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yo bank teller - i'm a sick disabled feller
call rihanna so she can put me under her umbrella
when i say rihanna - i mean the jail cell
i tell tales of when a young thug such as myself set sail
in a world where people played fair
nowadays i got 3 jobs - can't afford medical care
so this note
the text on the note follows, and i quote
"gimme one dolla dolla gimme one dolla
and medical care no thanks to obama"
i'm a sit here and wait for my friends the police
i'm so excited, delighted 'cause now my health is gonna increase
indeed - my plan worked homey
i'm in the jail cell gettin healthcare - haters blow me
you don't know me - yet
- see my pretty face - in the gaston gazette

bank teller - gimme one dollar
can't afford healthcare no thanks to obama
bank teller - gimme one dollar
i'm a wait for the cops don't want no drama

see my bearded mug - on gaston county lockup
robbed the bank for a dollar - do i rock or what
i kick a lot of but - in jail seein' doctors
one dollar robber - "what a shocker"
in this test i'm the proctor in this class i'm a teacher
in this platoon i'm a sargeant in this church i'm a preacher
in this torrent i'm a seeder not a leecher
in this football game i'm on the field you're in the bleachers
all you creatures out there work for me
'cause my pockets gettin' swoll on social security
- i'm a save up, all you people raise me up
i'll move to the beach - where there's waves and stuff
i'm brave enough to rob a bank for a buck
more bang for the buck in my hangy down nuts
i'm the one dollar burglar - jail cell dweller
crazy as hell feller sayin' "gimme a dollar" to the bank teller!


from SpinTunes #3: Round 2, released June 30, 2011




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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