Steve Durand - One More Chance

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You've come around again to my front door
Just like you have so many times before
You're gonna do the same old song and dance
And ask me to give you one more chance

I told myself it wouldn't be the same
When you lost all our money in a poker game
And that time when you got thrown in jail
And hocked my mother's ring to pay your bail

Any man with an ounce of pride
Would hang his head in shame
But I guess I'm an enabler of your evil side
So I've only got myself to blame

I think that maybe I should write a song
'Bout all the ways that you have done me wrong
But deep down I believe in romance
So every time I gave you one more chance

You're a shameless womanizer and a real mean drunk
When it comes down to it, you're just a punk
But every time I dumped you, you called my bluff
'Cause I know you need me, and that's enough

Logic says I shouldn't take you back
But my heart is stronger than my head
If I was smart I'd go it on my own
But I'm choosing you instead

The way that you've treated my I should be pissed
But when you say you love me I just can't resisit
You're big brown eyes have got me in a trance
So come on in I'll give you one more chance


from SpinTunes #9: Round 2, released July 29, 2014
Vocals & alto flute by Bridget Durand




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