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NAME: Theodore "Teddy" Brand
CODENAME: Darklight
POWERS: enhanced stength, agility, reflexes and toughness gained through a combination of experimental serums and nanite enhancements
assortment of various "black ops/spy" gadgets (not a power obviously but a "hook")

(In other words: Captain America plus Splinter Cell/Solid Snake)


This wasn't really in the 5 year plan
Lying on a cold examination table
Intently observed by some man I've never seen before

He's got an eyepatch and a scar on his lip
I forget his name, but it sounded Russian
His pitch sounded pretty good, this superhero schtick
But forgive me if it suddenly doesn't

My arms and legs are lashed down
I suppose some flailing would be normal
That needle's really quite large
I hope they're being careful with that thing

And Mom and Dad said "son you can have anything you want"
Now I've got the strength to lift an car and a gun that shoots 'round corners
If that cute redheaded nurse from pre-op could only see me now
There's a chance I wouldn't bore her
All I wanted was the nerve to Finish a Fight
Now these crazy scientist guys are pumping me full of nanites

This isn't what was planned
But I guess it's how it's gonna go down
The few the proud, really the only man
In the Elite Recon Soldier Program


from SpinTunes #1: Round 1, released June 25, 2010
Governing Dynamics




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