Menage A Tune - Poison, Or, All Of Hamlet In 4​:​04

from by Various Artists

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King Claudius - Ted Kiper
Hamlet - Skyen
Laertes -Ted Kiper
Queen Gertrude - JoAnn Abbott



Poison is the coward’s tool
The way of envy and deceit
Poison in a serpents bite
Poison, sinking into meat
Poison words that twist a heart
Dropping in a sleepers ear
Madness that can drown a soul
Something is rotten here, it’s

King- Now come join hands and part as friends
And drive all enmity away;
And with good will, to start the match
Again as brothers, come to play

Hamlet-I beg forgiveness for the past
By my hand I wish not to offend;
My acts ‘gainst you were madness born
Forgive them pray and be my friend

Laertes- I accept and take thy hand
And with my other choose my blade
The one the king has well prepared-

King- By just a scratch my plans are made!

Hamlet - Feint and parry, Laertes - thrust and bind
Hamlet - Advance, retreat- I have thee friend
Hamlet - A touch! Laertes - I do confess, a touch
Laertes -One touch is not the end

King- The king drinks to Hamlet!
Thy touch has won this round and praise
The king drinks to Hamlet!
Let all they skill applaud!
And in this cup I drop a pearl
A gem whose worth is great indeed
Come, take the cup and drink, my boy
Page, give it to him with all speed

Queen- You look so warm my son!
They brow is covered o’er
With sheen of athletes perspiration
Come let me wipe it with
This cloth and hold in hand
Thy cup of winners

The Queen drinks to Hamlet!
For prowess with his blade this day!
The queen drinks to Hamlet!
Let trumpets sound the news!

King -Gertrude, don’t drink!

Queen- Ah but I must, I must I say;
My lord and king, forgive me pray

King - Too late! My plans un-made!


Queen Poison is the coward’s tool
The way of envy and deceit
Hamlet Poison on a metal blade
Poison, quiet and discrete
King Poison pearl within a cup
Killed a queen, a prince, a peer
All The poisoner as well has died
Something is rotten here, it’s


from SpinTunes #5: Round 3, released July 31, 2012
Lyrics by JoAnn Abbott
Music by Ted Kiper & Skyen



all rights reserved


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