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Be amazed!!

Utter lunacy!!
Raving insanity!
Mindless inanity!
Rank inhumanity!

And it’s all on display!
Right this way!

Step right up and bear witness
To the curious plight of the Food-Lockers! . . .

With fruits on the trees
And roots in the ground
And creatures to hunt,
There is food all around.
But these curious people
Do something profound --
The Food-Lockers
Lock it away!

They say,
“You cannot have food without paying!
You need money in order to eat!
So don’t be a slob!
You must go get a job
So you don’t end up begging
For food on the street!”

So the Food-Lockers go and get jobs
And spend their entire lives working like slaves.
And they don’t even see
How they’re helping collude
With the culture that tells them
To lock up their food.
They just blindly accept it,
And crassly conclude
That until they get put in their graves --

They have to make money!
Then they have to spend money!
Then they need some more money!
‘Cause it’s all about money!
But the thing about money
Is that money flows upwards.
So the richer get richer,
And the poor just stay poor.

And the Food-Lockers think
That without any money,
They’re worthless.
The Food-Lockers think
That without any money,
They’re helpless.

And they honestly don’t understand
Why they feel so dejected...
Why they feel misdirected...
Why they feel so alone . . .

And there’s more to be seen!
Look inside, and
Gaze with astonishment
At the ludicrous lives
That are lived by the Box People! . . .

They seal themselves off
Inside boxes they call
“Apartments” or “houses” or “trailers,”
Where they cut themselves off
Watching boxes they call “tee-vees.”
And they pack off their kids
To a box called a “school”
Where they mostly just learn to conform.
And their infants must sleep
In a box called a “nursery,”
All by themselves
Ev’ry night,
While their parents just pray
For the day
When they’ll just go to sleep
And stop crying.

And they honestly don’t understand
Why they feel disconnected...
Why they feel so neglected...
Why they feel so alone . . .

And I promise --
You’ve never seen anything
Like the Dividers! . . .

They divide themselves up into races.
They divide themselves up into classes.
They divide themselves up
By their status
Or wealth
Or religious beliefs
Or political bents.
They divide up their world into countries,
Reinforcing the borders with laws.
They divide into camps.
They divide into groups.
They divide into cliques.
They divide into teams.

And once they divide themselves up,
The Dividers will argue . . .

“My school is better than your school
Because I attend it!”
“My country’s better than yours is
Because I was born there!”
“Mine is the one true religion
Because it’s the one
That I choose to believe!"
And if you don’t agree?
Then you’re WRONG!

And to help them defend
These invented abstractions,
They split themselves up
Into armies and factions
And rail against others’
Supposed infractions
And thunder away
Against others’ detractions
‘Til no one’s immune
From these petty distractions
And ev’ryone’s always at war!
‘Cause the rifts are too deep to ignore...

And they honestly don’t understand
Why they feel disaffected...
Why they feel unprotected...
Why they feel so alone . . .

But there’s something
They all do agree on.
There is one thing that’s keeping them
All in this mess.
The one big assumption
They hold to be gospel.
The big misconception
They’ve yet to redress.
It’s the lie that is holding them hostage.
It’s what strengthens the bars of their cage.
It’s the tacit belief they repeat without knowing it,
Age after age after age . . .

They say,
“This is the best way to live!
This is the right way to live!
This is the one way to live!” (etc.)

“Look at all that we have!
Look at all that we know!
Look at all we can do!
Look at all that we’ve made!
Look at all we control!” (etc.)

And they honestly don’t understand
That they don’t have to live this way!


from SpinTunes #7: Round 4, released August 20, 2013




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