Governing Dynamics - Rise (C)

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A few years ago I saw this video:

Afterwards my personal concept of "elevator music" was forever changed. For the challenge I ended up writing something that I thought would work in that same setting.

Obviously it would have been better if I had been able to arrange/record the song similar to that video, but I don't have access to a freight elevator and I don't have a band, so...

Try to imagine a string section for the lead guitar and foot stomps for the bass drum, hopefully you'll get there.

(Also, the title, "Rise"? ELEVATORS TOTALLY RISE GUYS okay yeah that's pretty thin)



We felt it taking shape
Hint of lightning in our bloodstreams
The truth is ringing like a mortar above your street

Fell to our knees
In the church we all saw in that same dream
Sang with the choir and our voices rang out so sweet

Home was a warzone in that story
But hey at least we know the territory
Trying to sift the virtue from the sin
We just can’t say when we’ll begin to

Up through the killing floor
Out of the blood and gore

I lit a candle and I held my ground
The change was rolling like a storm
And not a second too soon

A thousand cuts revealing faces
You wouldn’t believe were underneath
I offer thoughts and prayers, never treat the wound

And who among wouldn’t tire
Not knowing heroes from crucifiers
Could join the chorus of lamenters
But will we ever slip the center

And Rise
Out of the ruined and condemned
Not be so poisoned again



from Champions Vs Shadows #2: Round 1, released July 19, 2016




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