Ryan M. Brewer - Second Coming Semantics (Part And Parcel Bound)

from by Various Artists

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Joe - bass
Mari - electric guitar
God - drum kit
Narrators/Chorus - acoustic guitar


She is brilliant, she is brooding, she is beautiful. Tell me how someone like me...
I could ever be, I could ever be her man.

I am wasted, I am wanton, I am way past due. Tell me how someone like me...
I could ever be, I could ever be your hand.

Mari + Joe:
I could never be part of anybody's plan.

Little do they know, they're the only chance we've got. We've got...

So let it be written, so let it be done.
I've gotta send my one and only twice begotten son.
I need a vessel who can carry to term. It's hard to discern, these days, who to save and to burn.
The weight of the world on a girl from Murrell's Inlet?
Her fate unfurled by the booze in her daddy's binges.
Call me delirious, my way is mysterious as a matter of fact... I couldn't be more serious.
It's a matter of life and apocalypse, strife and deliverance, heaven and hell.
I need to get the girl out of her cell - I sent an angel to the boy in his sleep -
"The girl of your dreams needs you to help save her for me. You cater to me, VIP Spring Breakers you see?
It's simple really, let me make it so slow that it's silly.
Kill the witty gritty shit. Make it pretty. Narrators, what do you say? You feel me?

No two ways about it - the only chance we've got. We've got...

We've been chosen. We are one now.
We are cleansed in blood, we are part and parcel bound to this destiny.
We will always be your men.

I am branded with his surname written in my blood - I am part and parcel bound to this destiny,
stained by his unholy hands.

Mari + Joe:
Push klonopin, where's the whiskey and the gin?

All we've got to save us my tell me this - at what cost? At what cost?

I had never needed protection before, but dad had never lost an election before.
Mom says "17's too young to be anything but dumb", but I know what I saw.

Mari + Joe:
You pulled me out from under, we'll stow away and leave them to wonder. They'll see...

Your red hair will be the death of me.


from SpinTunes #12: Round 4, released March 14, 2017




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