Zoe Gray - Smooth

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Well, everybody knows I’m not exactly a strapper
But I’m still well-known as a lady trapper
Well you ask, how’s this rapper so goddamn dapper
And the secret’s in the toe of my trusty tapper
I’m a swinging, jiving, music man
But, of course, you knew that long before I began
What, you haven’t heard of me? Well I’m big in Japan
Wear a fedora every day because I motherfucking can

Well, I’m so smooth like peanut butter
When they see me, women’s eyelids flutter
I’m refined and suave and debonair
When I pirouette all the females stare
Cause I’m smooth
So smooth

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how’s this fella so spry
He got moves so sick that I think I’m gonna cry
Baby, my shoulder’s here, but I’ll tell you why:
I do it for you, cause I’m a really nice guy
I’m elegant and classy, you’re a little more concise
You’re a sweet apple pie, but I’ll add a little spice
I’m attracted to your brains, but the rest is pretty nice
Well, I told you once, now I’ll tell you twice

That I’m so smooth like a bowling lane
My vocabulary’s better than the late Mark Twain
I’m refined and suave and debonair
When I chassé all the females stare
Cause I’m smooth
So smooth

Baby don’t you know you want me
Want my dancing feet
Of course you do, how couldn’t you
After my sick beat

Well, I’m so smooth like whipping cream
When they’re with me, women want to scream
I’m refined and suave and debonair
When I wiggle-wiggle-wiggle all the females stare
Cause I’m so smooth like Morgan Freeman
I’m a high-class bad-ass dancing demon
I’m the slickest snake in the universe
And, baby, you could do, like, so much worse
Cause I’m smooth


from SpinTunes #10: Round 4, released March 3, 2015
Backup vox by Brian Gray.
Loops by Apple.




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