Emperor Gum - Smoulder (Yaoya Oshichi)

from by Various Artists

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verse: 12/8
chorus: 4/4


I'm bored, so bored

Breath streaks mist and forms the clouds above
My dreams drift and fade in azure skies
World's worn white and I am bored

To tell the truth I'm losing all feeling
December numbs my closest touch
Snow has buried my empty heart's heath
A heart that's closed to bloom

A fire is rising over my home, I run from the blaze
My heart's ice melting in flames' sanctum
I've fallen for a holy man, this temple holds desire
For a man who's sworn to love no one

The world is spinning, I am unspun
From the cobwebs that blot out my heart
A golden star burst by the heat of another
A mother's son has torn the girl out from me

Hours drag like seasons while you're gone
But a plan springs formed from my heart
A fire brought you close and I've such a spark
That my passion will fuel the flames

A fire is growing in my bedroom, I call for alarms
To carry me to my true lover's arms
But the city watch watched my ruse
I'm taken for a fool, I'll never see you again

I lie alone in this stone cold cell
Alone as we must be 'till we die
I can't lie to save my life, I have no regrets
I'll burn for the torch I carried


from SpinTunes #1: Round 2, released July 14, 2010
Emperor Gum




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