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A hateful song from the point of view of a humanitarian who had his company stolen by a man who wanted to make a profit.


It's not the shrapnel
in your steely eyed leer
or that dark rusty feeling
I get when you're near

It all plays a factor
in my spine-grinding hate
But mostly it's the way
that you derailed my fate

Makes sense that you stole
when your soul's made of steel
I'd expect you'd feel pride
if you even knew how to feel

Enjoy all the profits
you degenerate slime
you can use all those greenbacks
to mop up the grime
disgorging from your ego
and the shit that you climbed
to achieve cretin status
well you just hit your prime

Overwhelming how while I want peace
you just want underlings
your underhanded ways
overpower your blunderings

over my dead body
will you hoard what the people need
The population overflow
is undermined by your greed

Vengeance overdue
Undertaken wormfeed
No such thing as overkill
For an underworld weed

Enjoy all the riches
you carrion crud
You can use your clean water
to wash the piss from your blood
Won't be happy to see you
til you're under the mud
you could still feed the world
when you decay into cud

I started this company
as a non profit first
a charity to saturate
nations of thirst

I can't think of a way
you could have made things worse
You've splintered my future
My creation's been cursed


from SpinTunes #8: Round 2, released February 25, 2014




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