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I told Inverse T. Clown I wanted a song from the POV of someone who thinks they're a badass at Minecraft PvP. I also told him I wanted the world/references to center around gamemodes from the Overcast Network.

Here's a link to the music video:


I'm the leader of the fearless battle surge
A force no man can stop
You're the evil scum I've come to purge
And take the stuff you drop
Doing in the dregs, I'll push to make the climb
This zone belongs to me
Bodies at my feet, they all know that I'm
King atop my Hill and of all I see

Tap, tap, boom!
Hey! How's the taste of my arrow
Tap, tap, boom!
You've got the skill, don't know where, though
I dare you to cross this line
'Cause I'm the biggest badass at Minecraft PvP

Break your back fortifying your monuments
Set sentries all around
It's just a stage for me to flaunt my dominance
I'll raze 'em to ground
I'll knock the bottom out from your pinata ball
No gap can hold me back
I'll watch your people burn beneath the lavafall
Screaming and melting to death and then I'll grab a snack

Tap, tap, boom!
Here: have a sword to the forehead
Tap, tap, boom!
I hope that shit got recorded
I'll slay all of you sickening swine
I'm the baddest of asses at Minecraft PvP

Nobody dares to dare sneaking away with my wool
I'll kill them with kindness, but my kindness is still pretty cruel
Who am I kidding, I'll just kill them off
With my TNT snowball grenades

Well, don't you look sharp dressed in your diamond suit
With diamond weapons, too
You think stand a chance, now is that ever cute
Oh, look, I murdered you
This is war, my friend, that's why there are no friends
There's only nemeses
Red or Blue, their hue is of no consequence
Yellow is all they are when they see me

Tap, tap, boom!
I'll fell you forever with fervor
Tap, tap, boom!
I'll slaughter each soul on the server
Your skill's on a steady decline
You may as well stand there all supine
I'm the assiest big bad at Minecraft PvP


from Spintown, released June 4, 2010




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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