Boffo Yux Dudes - Tear It Down, Build It Up Again (Shadow)

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Come and see me in the eye of the storm
I got something to say
There's nothing left that we can do
It's too late in the day

We all tried to be civilized
And sing our protest songs
But no matter how much we do right
There's always something wrong

Tear it Down (and build it up again)
Atom by atom
Destroy all (within your sight today)
Till your brain is numb

Tear it Down (and build it up again)
We must start anew
Won't you help (me start it all over)
It's all we can do

Right has never been black and white
But now it's muddy gray
So many issues yelling in my mind
We've got to act today

Only solution is to smash it up
And build up from the ground
Please stop the voices in my head
That scream without a sound

I'm sure you'll see when we are done
That it's the only path
Subtract it all and add it up
Take time and do the math

You've got to help me smash it up
It's the least that you can do
And if you won't help or get out of the way
My friend, you'll go down too


from SpinTunes #6: Round 4, released March 12, 2013




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