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This is a sequel to "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes.

I found out halfway through writing this song that the Marvelettes already wrote a sequel to Mr. Postman. It's called "Twistin Postman" and it was a bit of a flop. It was jumping on the bandwagon of Chubby Checker's Twist I added the element of the postman being a good dancer to my song.

Later, after I had finished writing the song, I discovered that Lil' Wayne has made a sequel as well! His is all about how he's the postman with whom your wife cheats (it's full of inneundos about how she can't wait for his package and whatnot). So, magically, the story of my song fits squarely in the sequence between "Twistin Postman" and Lil' Wayne's "Mr. Postman," being the episode where the main character first starts something with the postman, without being totally forthright about it to her boyfriend.

Note: I believe this still qualifies as a "sequel" to a famous, charting song, because "Twistin Postman" is not necessary for my song to work. And, because "sequel" refers mainly to it being "a continuation of or anything that follows" an original work, not necessarily occurring second.


Everyday I'd wait for your knock on my door
But it was never you that I was waitin', waitin' for
You never never had a letter for me
Till one day you came dancin’ down my street...

Mr. Postman
You’ve been my hero, you’ve been my prince
You brought a letter from my missing boyfriend
Says he’ll be coming home in five to ten
Five to ten

He can keep sending those letters, that’s fine
Long as it brings you back and makes you mine
Long as it makes you keep on comin’ around
Because I want to know you now, Mister Postman
Mister Postman

You saw me cryin', and you touched my cheek
Then I heard music, and my knees went weak
You bring sweet words from far away
But I don’t care anymore what they say
What they say

He can keep sending those letters, it’s fine
Long as it brings you back and makes you mine
Long as it keeps you comin' to my door
'Cause you’re the one I’m waiting for, Mister Postman
Mister Postman

Wait a minute Mister Postman
I think you’re the most
Come back when you finish your route
Come back and take me out (Take me out!)

He can keep sending his letters, it’s fine
Long as it brings you back and makes you mine
He can send hundreds of letters, and a hundred more
Cause you’re the one I’m waiting for, Mister Postman yeah
Mister Postman

I hope I'm not being too forward


from SpinTunes #2: Round 2, released October 26, 2010
Written by Gweebol
Backing vocals by Nicole Wilder
Piano solo by Patrick Boerner




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