Alex Boyd - The Bastard Had It Coming

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The only real inside joke that I can divulge is that my favorite last day of work song is 'Olney" by Johnny Cash. So when I call my boss Olney in the song, I'm referring to that song. I wanted to make some reference to that song in this song so that's how I did it.


been pushing all these boxes everyday my whole life
put 2 kids through high school paid the bills of my wife
that bastard boss of mine has caused me so much pain and strife
on the day that I retire I'll say olney good bye and good night

I'll take an open hand
and slap him across his face
that's for all the years
of making me feel a disgrace

in the view of my co-workers there's no growning
cause everybody knows that the bastard had it coming

he wrote me up so many times for being a minute late
when i missed work cause of sick kids he said my excuse wasn't great
never got a weeks vacation couldn't afford to go on a date
on the day that I retire i'll say olney you've sealed your fate


the cops have come and dragged my sorry ass to jail
it has all been worth it cause he made my life hell
in a day or two i'll be out and won't have to deal with him anymore
i'll finish my life happy knowing i got one good swing
out the door

chorus (but now in past tense)


from SpinTunes #5: Round 1, released July 2, 2012




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