Brian Gray - The Child I Left Behind

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A soldier on the field. A castaway at sea.
A world that wasn’t real, but real enough inside my mind.
A monster-hunting knight in a spaceship crewed by me
And the child I left behind.

Adventure all around, a place where I belong,
The magic transformation when a cape and mask combined,
In time get rendered down to lyrics in a song
To the child I left behind.

You said imagination was forever,
You’d shadow me with legs that never tire.
I guess that proves a challenging endeavor
With pants on fire.

The slipping slope within that feels so apropos.
A point along a timeline that was never quite defined.
I bet it seemed a win the moment I let go
Of the child I left behind.

I think from time to time I maybe see you.
Distracted by a flicker of the light,
Reminding me I’m not supposed to be you,
So set things right.

The comics in their mylar. The Legos in their chest.
A basement made of hints and clues that almost feel designed
To be a guiding star in this neverending quest
For the child I left behind.


from SpinTunes #8: Round 1, released February 11, 2014




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