Edric Haleen - The Death Of A Meme

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So this is how it ends.
After all this time.
You and me, together --
The last believer
And the one you still believe in.
I listen to you pray,
Asking me for peace.
Asking my forgiveness
For all the ways
In which you think you’ve disappointed.

But I’m the one to beg forgiveness,
For I’m the one who’ll soon be
Disappointing you.
I cannot bring you peace.
I cannot answer prayers.
I’ve never been a god --
Just a meme . . .

Don’t get me wrong,
It was a hell of a time while it lasted.
I could hardly have landed
On more fertile soil.
Conditions were right
And my story took hold
And the people began to believe.
I watched as the
World’s population exploded.
And strong competition
Allowed me to thrive.
And unlike the pantheons past,
I was “God-with-a-capital-G,”

So I alone shaped the
Wonders of Nature!
I alone knew the
Myst’ries of Life!
I created the Universe
Because people believed!
And they said I made
Miracles happen
And they thanked me for
Answering prayers,
Back when there were still
People like you
Who believed I could do
What they said I could do . . .

But now we’re at the end.
Vital signs are poor.
Breathing getting ragged.
The final stages
Of internal organs failing.

I know you have the strength to face this.
I know because your strength has
Never come from me.
It’s always been in you.
I hope that that’s okay.
I thank you for your faith.


from SpinTunes #5: Round 1, released July 2, 2012




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