Ethan Ivey - The Four​-​Year Itch

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Ohh When we were young
(Maybe twelve or so)
We met out by
The lake

We hit it off
We ran around and played
But our parents didn’t want us to

But that was ok
We still saw one another
They couldn’t keep us

We got engaged
Then we were married
That’s how I threw my
Life away

But now you’re gone!
Though it’s still kind of sad
I’ve got my freedom

I’ll go to the bar
I’ll go out and buy a pool
My new life is about to

We’re here at the wake
I have to look real sad
So your parents don’t

That I was the one
Who put the bullet in your
Dainty, wonderful

-Spoken section-
We are gathered here today
To celebrate the life and mourn the loss
Of Mrs. Jane P. Adams
Who brought happiness wherever she went
And is remembered by her parents, friends
And loving husband of four years

The crowd disappears
And I am left alone
Grinning like a

How could I know
It wouldn’t be too hard
To trade her dear life for

I’m making a plan
I’m getting on my way
To live like I want

I’ll find me a girl
We’ll get married
And then I’ll end it
After some time

She’ll pass away

And I will be free


from SpinTunes #3: Round 1, released June 21, 2011




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