Rob From Amersfoort - The Ignorists

from by Various Artists



* from Cm scale with respect to C scale
** from Fm scale with respect to F scale


ignorance is bliss C
can you believe this Em
trust is overrated Ddim (borrowed chord)
populism inflated Dm7

don’t care about reality C
don’t care about the facts Em
in this post-truth world Ddim (borrowed chord*)
believe all the hacks G

the Ignorists E Bm7
the Ignorists

believe what you want to believe
if you want to be deceived
frame reality your way
experts don't have a say

the Ignorists
the Ignorists

empty vessels make the loudest noise F Dm
they should talk less and listen more Am
don’t believe everything you read Gdim (borrowed chord**) C
common sense is not so common indeed Ddim G

the Ignorists
(they rule the world now)
the Ignorists
(they rule the world now)


from SpinTunes #12: Round 3, released February 28, 2017




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