Gorbzilla - The Last Last Day

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This song is about schools closing in Michigan due to low test scores, and how emergency financial managers can come in and fire all of the teachers (read: anyone union) and reopen the school as a charter school where they don't have unions or publicly elected school boards. I don't know if you care, I just usually don't get political in my songs but this has been bugging me for a while and I needed to get it out.


Now I have nothing
The last bell has rung, they closed the door
The bureaucrats said we have failed
So for all of us there's no more
They'll start again with a charter school
Under heavy rule to turn a buck
Those of us who gave heart and tears
And many years are out of luck

What will I say to my children
What will I tell my bride
What will I say to my family and friends
When you've taken my pride

And I can't stop thinking
The game was rigged from the start
All the kids underprivileged
With single parents they broke my heart
Yet they're expected and tested
Just like the undeserving rich
When they fail they're still nothing
Because life is such a bitch

What will I say to my children
What do I say to my wife
What do I tell all those students
While bureaucrats play with their life

Don't throw away what needs fixing
Playing political games
You see poverty is the problem
Try to help you get the blame

How will I raise my family
How will I feed my kids
I just taught what I was taught
I gave all I could give


from SpinTunes #5: Round 1, released July 2, 2012




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