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The one I went with was a repeating dream in which I was being chased around a parking lot by a gun-wielding madman on a mechanical stegosaurus.


Asphalt and heat
It's been searing hot and blinding
On this summer street
I got back on my feet

He's been chasing me
Every time I turn I see him
On his rusted dark machine
A metal beast

His musket flailing fast
Conducting an orchestra
of concussive blasts
A bullet grazing past

Muscles burning hot
The gun made awful thunder
as he fired another shot

I had to stop
...Oh, I stopped

I turned around
Shouted to him as I held my ground

Oh, mister monster
You've been chasing me all day
Is there something, anything, I can say
Is there any chance
I could walk away?
Or have I truly found
My way inside a nightmare
Am I in some kind of hell where
There's truly no hope for escape?

And he said

It's more of a carnival
And you're just an animal
We monsters have to have our fun too
And ooh oh, there's thunder for you
I'm coming for you
Better run run run run run run run

No hope for rest
I slowed only as much as I dared
just to catch my breath
Or face certain death

I found a parking lot
Got lost among the cars and wondered
How much time I bought
An alarm went off

Such a shrieking sound
His monster snapped attention
And began to bound my way
I turned around

I turned around
My fear betrayed my plight and he stood there
Savoring the sight of the
Frightened little boy that he had found
I looked up at him
As he trained his gun I spoke again
Are you some kind of demon?

And he said

I'm more of a cannibal and
It's something mechanical
Is just a part of how you made me
And oh ooh, I hunger for you
I'm coming for you
better run run run run run run run

I froze in shock
Our eyes were locked
As the weapon's hammer cocked
I was made of rock

He took aim
I had to dive I tasted asphalt
When the thunder came
The bullet called my name

A shattered spine
Fleshy tatters in a jagged line
And I'm
I'm lying there and all I feel is

Asphalt and heat
It's been searing hot and blinding
On this summer street

I got back on my feet


from SpinTunes #4: Round 1, released January 31, 2012




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