Edric Haleen - To My Significant Self

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So --
Here we are again.
Here, and on our own.
Single and alone again.

So --
Things have gone awry.
Dreams have not come true.
Now it’s only you and I.

So --
Knowing this is hard,
I made you this card,
Hoping it will help.
Knowing you will heal.
Knowing you’ll be fine
On Valentine’s Day.


True --
That was a surprise,
Shattering our heart,
Learning of our partner’s lies.

True --
There’s a lot to feel,
Wanting to be whole,
Waiting for our soul to heal.

True --
You may be afraid.
Having love betrayed
Tends to make us pause.
Still, I wish you peace,
Even as you pine
This Valentine’s Day.


Hey --
Even as you cry,
As you face your fears,
Know one day your tears will dry.

Hey --
Look ahead to then
And it won’t be long
‘Til we’ll both feel strong again.

Hey --
Maybe when we do
Find somebody new,
This time it will last,
Bringing us a love
Strong enough to shine
Each Valentine’s Day.


This, then, is my wish --
To your heart, from mine --
On Valentine’s Day.



from SpinTunes #4: Round 2, released February 14, 2012




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