Governing Dynamics - To The Honorable Charles W. Yancy, From Your Admirers

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Scrape me out across the gravel
My body offered to the fog
Black out the road untravelled
And the drivers you ran off

Watch your towers tumble
We won't sleep in secrecy
You can't outrun these shadows
So easily

If you feel a breath on your neck
Know what your own is worth
Shadows stirring over your shoulder
Sending the seekers forth

If every step you take feels like
Growing steadily more lost
Consider where you're keeping your secrets
And if you ever really paid what they cost

You're hiding out far from the crime
And the flames
Cloak yourself in lack of light
But more than two can play that game...

So park outside the church
And contemplate the stars
Every voice in the choir knows
Exactly what you are....


If you can't stand the winter, freezing nights alone
You shouldn't make it home....

sing -- raise your voices
and tear apart the sky
let the stars rain down

Sing out the choices
That let rivers all run dry
Our song the only sound

Bring out the dead;
The Forgotten left to lie

Now you can't tell cutting corners
From slashing throats
And you've got your widespread respect
And an army of sleepless ghosts
And if the truth gets buried
Floods are carrying out grave dirt
So run as fast and far as you like;
You taught us all how to hurt


from SpinTunes #10: Round 2, released February 3, 2015




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