Menage A Tune - Transition

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I like it here
It’s warm and safe and it is home
I like it here
This place is all I’ve ever known
But something’s changing
I feel a pressure now to move
To go, to change, and I’m afraid
This feels so strange
Am I betrayed?
I want to stay the way I am
I like it here

Feels like I have waited for my whole life just for this
For the chance to get to know you
Get to feel you, get to hold you
Hold you deep inside my heart
We’ll never part
We are now one
The pressures growing- I’m afraid
About the choices that I have made
Don’t leave me now!
Not when we’ve been so close together all this time
Want you to stay
Don’t go away

Pressure growing, crushing me
cannot move or breathe
I have to get away from here
But though I fear
I know that we’re
I will never be alone
I see the light and reach out for it
You are there just as you were
When it was dark

I see your face at last
We hold each other in our hearts
I had to change for you
Do you forgive me for my part in
All the pain that you endured
All the darkness you withstood
Till I was free
Now you’re with me
I am with you
I always was and I will be
I am with you
You are all I want to see
And I forgive you
For the pain is all now past
We are together
At last.


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013
JoAnn Abbott- Lyrics
Ted Kiper- Music




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