Edric Haleen - Twenty Years On

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Look at him, Hobbes.
Lying there sleeping.
Look at him there --
Quiet and tiny and new.

Hard not to see
Boundless potential,
Looking at him,
Thinking of all that he’ll do.

Will he like music?
Will he build snowmen?
Will he like dinosaurs?
Will he like you?

Will he go sledding?
Will he fear monsters?
Will he play “Brianball”
Like we used to do?

Will he ride wagons down hills
And through forests?
Will he fight grisly duels with his food?
Will he take plain cardboard boxes
And use them to reforge his world?

Or will he be different?
I guess we’ll see
How he’ll be him.
Him, and not me . . .

We’ll watch, and help him grow.
We’ll teach him what we know.
And then we’ll let him ... go . . .

A new life.
A fresh clean start.
I love you, Son.
Go explore . . .


from SpinTunes #7: Round 1, released January 9, 2013
Additional dialogue provided by Brandi Burns




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