Ross Durand - Uh Oh!

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I’m getting older but I like to feel young sometimes
Remember all the little things that used to be fun sometimes
The games I used to play, ice cream was a treat
TV shows, action figures, and the things I loved to eat

Uh Oh!
I still love my Spaghettios

I used to have to know how to open a can, now it comes with a pop-top tab
That 8 inch sauce pan, was the best friend I ever had
You gotta cook for just the right time, the heat’s gotta be just so
Stir it with a wooden spoon, till the bubbles round the edges start to show

Uh Oh!
I still love my Spaghettios

People try to tell me to act my age.
“Don’t you know that you are what you eat?”
I guess I’m a little bit loopy, a little bit hot,
And little be cheesy, and a little bit sweet

Uh Oh!

Yeah I’m gettin older and I like to feel young sometimes
But that ain’t really it they just feel good in my tum sometimes
So I’m gonna eat what I like, I don’t care what people say
When the face on the can smiles at me, it kinda makes my day

Uh oh!
I still love my Spaghettios


from SpinTunes #11: Round 2, released February 9, 2016




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