Boffo Yux Dudes - Upside Down

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Ross Durand provided a challenge to BoffoYuxDudes that he left intentionally vague. The challenge? Simply this: “Upside-down.” (Ross trusts that they will find an interpretation of this challenge that makes sense to them and run with it!)


The stars were our symphony
Together floating we were free
But there’s a new first mate now on your bridge
Heard it on your radio, you see
I used to have your frequency
Now I’m colder than the meatloaf in your fridge

Your upside has got me down

My head is spinning round and round
My heart is sinking under your gravity
(Beat) You leave me devoid of breath
I’m drifting closer to my death
Don’t know which way I’ll go to be free

There are no directions in space
But everywhere I see your face
When listening to the silence I hear you talk
I’m going mad trapped in this ship
I can’t get a clue so I’ll get a grip
I think I’ll go outside and take a walk

Your upside has got me down
My head is spinning round and round
I’m like a watch where all the gears have sprung
I miss your voice I miss your touch
I miss your smile oh, so much
But I especially miss that thing you do with your tongue

Upside Down You Vex
Why do you drive me insane?
Vertigo is here.

Upside Down I Cry
Who will save me from my fate?
My voice is alone.

Upside Down is here
Orientation is where?
No One Hears Me Scream.

Upside Down inside
Outer Space is very cruel
The Capsule is cold

Upside Down Outside
The hatch is stuck - Not for Long
Air Slowly Leaves me

Upside down out there
I wonder if it's friendly
The view is awesome

Your upside has got me down
My head is spinning round and round
And now the air is hissing out my suit
Before dementia takes me away
There’s one important thing I must say
(slurs) Toenail doorknob semen who’s a pretty bird? Hahahahahaha....


from Songwriting Cycle #2, released April 9, 2011
Al Morgan & Tom Giarrosso




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