Dr. Lindyke - Wake Me When It's Over

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This begs for a novelty song, but Sammy Kablam
challenged us to write an un-funny happy song. So we started thinking about all the different kinds of "happy" there are, and we hope we came up with a very pure, almost tearful bittersweet happy.

Here we're imagining a terminal patient telling his wife not to grieve for him, as he's genuinely and sincerely happy to die and go to Heaven.


Babe, you know I’m leaving
I’m going home
I can hear my name called in the light
I don’t want you grieving
There’s no need for tears
Everything will turn out right

Celebrate the moments of our lives
Celebrate the memories that you keep
The answers to your questions
Surely lie above
Now it’s time for me to sleep

Wake me when it’s over
Have a party while I’m growin’ colder
And maybe cry into your beer
Because you think that I’m not there

I’ve got a first-class ticket into Paradise
And if you love me you will see me, just close your eyes
And we will spend eternity
In love so endlessly
And when the living ends you’ll see
It’s never over


I’ve got a first-class ticket to the afterlife
And we’ll forever be together when it comes your time
And we will spend eternity
Bathed in love so endlessly
‘Cause when your life is done you’ll see
It’s never over


from SpinTunes #3: Round 1, released June 21, 2011




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