Governing Dynamics - Wax Wings

from by Various Artists



About Icarus. Who has a lot of songs about him already. But I don't care.


(Part I - The Labyrinth)

Started with a boy and a girl
Blank walls and endless corridors
Surely took down the beast, that was the least
Of what you were in for

This ball of string unravels
Leaves us stranded in the stone
When you displease the masters
Disaster like you’ve never known

Now they’ve caught me and you
We’ve not got much to do
But to try to think our way out of this place

You’re poring over wires and springs
I’m hanging from this rope and wax wings
Untangle us from these old feuds
Out of control altitude

With my wings stretched out wide
And your blood running cold
I’m at the edge of pride and growing old

(Part II - Above Crete)

As I rise up over the mountains
The wind passes right through
The whole world lies below me
I wish that you could see it too
Now I’m falling towards the fire
Now I’m tumbling in the blue
I reach for the horizon
But there’s nothing I can do

In a spiral, a spiral
A spiral...

(Part III - A Rapid Descent)

I guess I should have listened
Now I’ve lost of my lift
Feathers turned to ashes
And I’m out to drift
Never could be satisfied with just enough
The wind is really picking up, now...

We dance close to the fire
But we never dream we’ll burn
You see that climbing chariot?
Us kids, we’ll never learn

Out to sea, out to sea, out to sea
I spiral out to sea


from SpinTunes #11: Round 3, released February 23, 2016




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