Sara Parsons - Who Am I Kidding?

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I'm resolute, I'm absolute
But that doesn't matter when it comes to you
Change your mind, I'm a waste of time
But you could never waste mine

You're in every scar, you're in every bruise,
You're gone when I win but you're there when I lose
The sun in my sky and the breath when I sigh,
"It'll be better this time."

Who am I?
Who am I kidding?
Caught your eye, didn't I?
Who am I kidding?

You soften your touch just a little too much
And soon I know nothing about you
Circle around, got my feet on the ground
But I don't know this world without you

Who was I?
Who was I kidding?
Caught your eye, didn't I?
Who was I kidding?

How easy it was to turn my whole life on its end
I thought that I knew I could count on you as a friend
How could I let my fate fall into someone else's hands?
Are you a man
or a child just playing pretend?

Bring back the hurt, bring back the pain,
I take back the words that sent you away
I'll let you lead me through Hell by the reins
And you'll never know that it stings


from SpinTunes #8: Round 2, released February 25, 2014




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I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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