Boffo Yux Dudes - Window Pain (Shadow)

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I work my way each and every day
At a skyscraper downtown
My trade I ply up in the sky
Just washing windows down

Can't help but stare when I see her there
On floor number 53
I see in her things that never were
But does she even see me?

'Cause I am just a poor boy
With a squeegee in my hand
And she's a big executive
With power in this land

The way I know I feel for you
I really can't explain
The glass that separates us two
Is just my window pain

I want to pass right through that glass
And start to melt her heart
The tragedy is her and me
So close but worlds apart

The other day she looked my way
I thought I caught her eye
But was her view directly through
Me and to the sky?

And after work, I saw her lurk
downstairs among the crowds
I said hello, she did, and so,
My head was in the clouds


Then it seemed I had a dream
The two of us alone
Her hand I'd hold on my scaffold
Her eyes like diamonds shone

I told her of my eternal love
She sighed and turned away
She loved a man, with lots of plans
It had to be this way

I made a stand, I took her hand
But then it slipped away
I tumbled down, I hit the ground
No one was there to pray


They found me dead, a broken head
There wasn't too much left
A homicide or suicide?
No one could make a guess

Was it all real? I won't reveal
Just how the story ends
But lets just say I'm on my way
To find some other friends

The way I know I felt for you
I just could not explain
My fall, my rise, my true demise
Was just my window pain
Was just my window pain


from SpinTunes #8: Round 4, released March 25, 2014
Scott Mercer
Dave Leigh




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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