Sid Brown - Wormhole To Hell

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I've always wanted to write a song that just rocked, and this is my first attempt at that. This is also the first song I've ever written or recorded using electric guitar. Challenges all around.

I don't know where I got the inspiration, but when I tried to think of "going through something" a wormhole and space pirates jumped into my head. So here you have it. The story of a man on his own, running from the law, with little to no options left. He's forced to take a chance and goto a place no one has ever returned from; aptly named the wormhole to hell.


Flying 10 million miles an hour
I've got the law on my tail in the black of space
Weapon systems have no power
There's only one place I can hide my face

Right in my sights, the event horizon
My heart should be racing but it's stuck in time
Everything around me is speghettifying
One debt for another cause I'm going straight through

The wormhole to hell
The wormhole to hell
Going straight through the wormhole to hell
The wormhole to hell
The wormhole to hell
Going straight through the wormhole to hell

There's no telling what's
On the other side
It's here from the demons of my world I'll hide

No one will follow
No running anymore
No one's come back from this black hole before

One shot of whiskey
I laugh to myself
There's no return from the wormhole to hell!


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013




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