The Orion Sound - You (A Valentines Stalker Song)

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"The only way to get a girl on Valentines..."

Sorry if the vocals arent up to their normal angellic standards; had a cold for the past week


This one’s for you, baby
Gunna tell you how I really feel

Your eyes,
Bright like a shooting star,
I like to gaze into them,
From the boot of your car,
And your face,
Tender and sweet
I like to lick it; tasty like an ice pop
I know you really want it even though you say stop.
This ones for you

Valentines stalker song,
If you know the words then sing along,
Even if she won’t answer your calls,
Just stare at her photos all over your walls,
Valentines stalker song,
Valentines stalker song,

Your Hair,
It smells divine,
I have a lock of it at the foot of my bed,
next to your shrine (I smell it every night)
Your smile,
It turns me on,
Though it normally takes a handful of Viagra,
When I think of you it’s like falls of Niagara
This ones for you


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I’m outside your window,
And it’s past curfew,
Climbing past your curtains,
It’s the dead of night,
Creep under your covers,
Imma hold you tight,
And in the morning when you wake up,
You will see the signs,
Burning on your front lawn,
Happy Valentines!

Valentines stalker song,
If you know the words then sing along,
No restraining order to hold me back,
To get a hold on your heart, I’m right on track
Valentines stalker song,
Valentines stalker song…
Love you Spin.


from SpinTunes #4: Round 2, released February 14, 2012
All credit to Oliver Parsons. The blue-eyes white dragon of real life.




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