Trader Jack - You Can Be My Joey Ramone

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This song, as per the requirements, is a valentine to Corin Tucker. She was the lead singer of Sleater-Kinney. A lot of the lyrics are references to Sleater-Kinney songs. Songs referenced in order of appearance are "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone," "Turn It On," "Little Mouth," and "You're No Rock N' Roll Fun."


You can be my Joey Ramone. Break my heart just the way I like it. Turn it on, so strongly intoned. I'm not gonna lie.
It's hard to be in love with Corin Tucker.
She'll probably always be with someone other than me.
But Do you think you wanna?
Yea I think I wanna.
Do you think you wanna?
Yea I think I wanna.
Do you think you wanna?
Yeah I think I wanna.
Yeah I really wanna.
Singing along to your record in my car but I'd rather be where you are now. Baby.
I may not be real rock and roll fun but I can fake it with the best of them now. Baby.
I wanna pinch your cheeks and stroll the streets; we'll wear hoods to hide from the punk-rock-razzi, Baby.
Take you to museums or go shopping, you can max out all my cards.
Baby you should be my valentine for one day, or forever. I sigh and sigh and sigh for Corin Tucker.


from SpinTunes #4: Round 2, released February 14, 2012




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