Jonathan Mann - Zack Scott The Perverted TSA Agent

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I wanted to start a new scripted series of Minecraft videos on my channel. So I came up with an idea that I thought would be funny & pick fun at my friend Zack. I built an entire airport as a set for this series to be filmed on, and hired Jonathan Mann to write this theme song for the opening of the videos. Unfortunately, the dumbass in charge of the Minecraft server at that time managed to lose 6 months of work shortly after we filmed the first episode. That work included the airport I had built with friends. So the series became 1 I didn't feel like building another airport.

Here's a link to that 1 episode:


He wants to sniff your underwear,
And make a doll out of your hair,
He'll scan your body and think dirty thoughts,

Grandma, Grandpa to,
There's nobody he don't want to do,
No living thing for whom he don't have the hots,
The hots,

He's Zack Scott,
The preverted TSA Agent,
He's Zack Scott,
The preverted TSA Agent.


from Spintown, released June 4, 2010




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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