SpinTunes #7: Round 3

by Various Artists

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This album is made up of songs from the "SpinTunes" songwriting competiton.


The Challenge:
Perfect Pitch - Write a product jingle for a real product that does not currently have a jingle. This should be a real product you've seen advertised on TV or the internet. So the judges can see what you're advertising, we will also require a link to an official product description. (your jingle must be EXACTLY 30 seconds) (they had 8 days)


released August 6, 2013

Album art by Matt Schubbe




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I used to run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest.

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Track Name: Ominous Ride - Beano Jingle
Imagine yourself on an intimate date
Fearing the volatile food on your plate
Do not despair, for it isn’t too late
To feel B-E-A-N-O-kay!

If you fear feeling like an inflated balloon
Or you don’t want to dance to a unpleasant tune
The night is still young, for it’s never too soon
To feel B-E-A-N-O-kay!
Track Name: Edric Haleen - Summer (A Jingle)
Baseball in the park.

Movies after dark.

Resting in the shade.

Summer skies
And fireflies
And Simply Lemonade®.

Summer sun
And summer fun
And Simply Lemonade®.
Track Name: Blimp Exhaust - K. K. Jingle
Welcome to your town,
Come on and settle down!
Take a seat-a, put your feet up,
You're the mayor round here!
If your real life's getting heavy and you can't take the speed,
Come on down to Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Catch a fish, catch a bug,
Then make friends with a pug!
Kick your shoes off, and your blues off,
Go and run on the sand!
If you're feeling kind of stressful and you need some relief,
Come on down to Animal Crossing,
No need for feeling cross, and
Come down to Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
Track Name: RC - Chillow
the amazing new pillow pad
cool cool comfort on my
no more sleepless nights
you got to chillax on my
no electricity, no batteries
come on baby relax on my
Oprah loves 'em, Rachael Ray, too
come on baby, lay down on my
(Aww, you know I will)
(Oh, yeah)
Track Name: TurboShandy - Haggis In A Can
You can forget yer whisky or yer tartan wearin' clans
The best thing out of Scotland's now available in cans
It's got heart and lungs and liver, onion, oatmeal, suet, spice
The metal that's surrounding it, it keeps it just as nice

It's haggis in a can
They said that we cannae do that
We said "Watch us man!"
We said "Aye we can!"
Track Name: Menage A Tune - Cialis
When the moment is right, will you be ready?
When you see her and you fall in love again?
Make the call and see your doctor-
You’ve no worries, pressures off
With Cialis you’ve the time to share your love
Right there and then
When it’s the right time
You have got time
It’s up to you to choose just where and when
Track Name: Governing Dynamics - Kim's Etsy Store!!!
If your dishes were all made
In Parts Unknown,
And lack little touches like
octopi or origami cranes

Don't be afraid
Though HereThereBeDragons
Every piece is unique
And dishwasher safe!

It's true that you missed
The promo: "buy one piece...
and I'll kiss you on the mouth"
(Sorry! Supplies limited)

But at Kim's Etsy Store!
Tasteful dinnerware leaps into your shopping cart.
Log on! And shop at Kim's Etsy Store!
Help a starving artist not do the starving part.
Track Name: Mariah Mercedes - Catan Jingle
Lumber, wool, brick, and ore
Resources in your palm
Raise your cities, control the board
Or travel port to port

Trade with friends, explore the lands
Settlers of Catan!
Trade with friends, explore the lands
Settlers of Catan!
Track Name: Boffo Yux Dudes - Krypton
A Real Life Lightsaber
The perfect gift for the supervillian
One serious badass laser device.

What is it?

It's Krypton - ton-ton-ton.....

The world's brightest handheld laser!

Krypton - ton-ton-ton.....

A class 4 laser that you can see from Philly to New York City in one continuous beam!

Krypton - ton-ton-ton.....

Order yours today at wickedlasers.com!

Krypton - Krypton - Krypton!
Lasers for your hands!
Track Name: Menage A Tune - Viagra (Shadow)
When the hard times are all long behind you
When you cannot seem to rise at mornings light
When the right time is the wrong time
And you want to die of shame
Take the blue pill and like magic
Everything will be all right
Get some Viagra, some Viagra
And you’ll be standing happy through the night
Track Name: PigfarmerJr - Chicago Handcuffs Theme (Shadow)
You're an office of the law

Just fighting for the cause
When the criminals get too rough
Use Chicago Handcuffs

When you're checking out a complaint
And you need a quality restraint
Don't let them call your bluff
Use chicago Handcuffs

Chicago Model 1000 Nickle Finish Handcuffs
Track Name: PigfarmerJr - Chicago Handcuffs Theme 2 (Shadow)
When you're whoring on the town

And your joe just wants to be bound
Or if he gets a touch too rough
Use Chicago Handcuffs

If you're making brand new porn
And your rope is just too worn
You need something that's tough enough
Use Chicago Handcuffs

Chicago Model 1000 Nickle Finish Handcuffs

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