Jon Eric - Birthday

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At my birthday I was working on my seventh G&T
Drinking them as fast as they would pour
I noticed someone in the corner looking right at me
Who didn't cast a shadow on the floor

Though he didn't wear a watch, I knew exactly what he meant
When he tapped his first two fingers to his wrist
I knew before too long I would be leaving the event
So I lifted up the tumbler in my fist...


Here's to a life surrounded by my friends
Let it end the way that all great things must end
Here's to a body that gave all that it could give
Here's to a life well-lived.

He shook my hand, grabbed my wrist and pulled me through the wall
Felt dizzy as we rose up towards the stars
And then I saw an image shimmer like a crystal ball
My body was still seated at the bar

I felt my heartbeat quicken even though I had no pulse
And watched my living self begin to sway
There wasn't a sensation as I started to convulse
And flung my glass up high as though to say:


I watched the paramedics put my body in a bag
And marveled that I'd felt no fear
How sudden I was overtaken by the need to brag
But when I looked up, my guide had disappeared.



from SpinTunes #3: Round 1, released June 21, 2011




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