Edric Haleen - Dance!

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Have your feet felt the rhythm
But you’ve done nothin’ with ‘em
‘Cause your friends don’t think it’s cool?
(Yeah -- I know.
But don’t let it concern you...)

If your blood gets to flowin’
When that beat gets you goin’,
You don’t have to compromise.
You don’t have to apologize.
Just kick up your heels and dance!
Just dance!
Just . . . dance.

If you really love yourself then
Who cares what others think?
Show the whole entire world, “Hey!
This is who I am!”
If you’re honest with yourself then
Who gives a damn?
Just share your talents with the world
And don’t let people
Try to talk you
Out of doing
Any of the
Things that make you
Happy . . .

Some guys feel embarrassed
And won’t head out on the floor.
Some guys dance to pick up chicks
But quit if they get shown the door.
Some guys sneer at ballerinas
Saying, “Ballet? What a bore!”
But that’s not true,
‘Cause that’s not you.
So just be you!

Some may laugh and titter
At the spirit that you bring.
There’s no use being bitter . . .
Just do your thing!
So set their hearts atwitter
And let your feet take wing . . .

And you

You just dance!


from SpinTunes #10: Round 4, released March 3, 2015




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