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I wrote a song to a girl I had a crush on but never pursued, and in missing my opportunity to get her, actually ended up finding my true love in another.


You were a siren in shinin' glass-scattered sun
I was a shy and silent distantly affectionate
Train wreck with training wheels on

I hid in my corner to fawn over the beauty only I saw
You were all exotic, had nothing to hide, you wore your
Insides like they were costumes at Mardi Gras

I was always a waiter, not much of a chaser
I'm no instigator

But I swore I saw your eyes flash invitation
To talk you later

You held my gaze
And I froze in place

And all because of my delay
You're the one who got away
You're the one who got away

I'd come back to see you, to greet you, try to meet you
In some better place

Found my first courage in the bottom of the coffee you
Served me with that Mardi Gras smile on your face

I'd climb my wall of nerves, push the ball of doubtful words aside
And tried to be my own cupid that day

But you eluded me, you did me a favor
Turns out you made a greater cupid than I did anyway

And as you slipped away
Right then I saw her face

Now I no longer have to say
"She's the one who got away"
You gave a gift I can't repay

You led me to find 'the one'
And I'm so happy this love's begun
And after all is said and done

I mean "thank you" when I say,
After all is said and done
"Happy Valentine's Day"


from SpinTunes #4: Round 2, released February 14, 2012
Kevin Savino-Riker: guitar & vocals




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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