Glen Raphael - Hangnail (Shadow)

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Might have slipped upon a bit of snow
Tripped and hurt my little toe
The way it throbs you wouldn't know how much
I had made an error trimming back
Wasn't careful, had a lack
Of patience leading to a crack
That's tender to the touch

Well it wasn't major isn't deep
The doctor's payment isn't steep
But how to fix it nothing leaps to mind
They say that you can only wait
And leave it to the feet of fate
And walk with a more careful gait next time

And some are plagued with migraines, a broken limb or three
But that pain's only theirs; mine's unique to me

I'm told in time the pain'll pass
Like liquid from a shattered glass
Until that point it's quite a hassle now
I could have put a bandage on
To help until the throbbing's gone
That row now seems a little long to plow
I know that someday it'll heal as good as it was new
But this is how I feel; 'til then there's sympathy I'm due:


from SpinTunes #8: Round 4, released March 25, 2014




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