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The song is called Haunting House, and it is based on a recurring dream I have had for literally decades, since I was a kid. In it I dream I am approaching my home, the one I lived in from ages 8-20, but there is something wrong with it. Sometimes it is obvious- it is split in half. Other times I can't tell what is wrong, but I know something is.

I am NOT the only one who has had these repeating dreams about 130 Baylawn Avenue! When I was in my 30's, STILL having them, I mentioned it to my father, and jokingly told him that the house was haunting me. That was when he told me that my brother and sister as well as at least two of my step brothers who lived there after I had moved out ALSO had dreams about it...over and over and over. My most recent dream about the house was on Jan 26th of this year...

Thing is, we were all pretty happy and secure when we lived there. So I have no idea why it keeps coming back to haunt us.


There’s something wrong here
Something missing Something broken
I can see my house but something isn’t right
There’s something wrong here I can feel it
I move closer, slowing down
The school bus passes me but
I stand here in fright
And it is happening again
I’ve had this dream before
There always something broke or missing
There’s no roof or there’s no door
Sometimes the house is split in half
Or the front of it is gone
And I’m afraid to go inside
But I go on
There’s something wrong here
We had trees once. We had flowers.
Where’s the willow, pine and roses by the door
There’s something wrong here Where is my father?
There are strangers all around
Where did the kitchen go?
There are splinters on the floor
And it is happening again
I’ve had this dream before
There’s always someone who is missing
There’s always glass shards on the floor
Now that my home is split in half
Now that my father’s gone
There is no safety here for me
But I go on
I am afraid of what I’ll see
But I go on
My house is waiting there for me
But I’ll go on…


from SpinTunes #4: Round 1, released January 31, 2012
Lyrics, basic tune and vocals by JoAnn Abbott
Instrumentation by Ted Kiper




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

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