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In late eighty-nine,
In the band room in high school,
A friend and I sat
In the band teacher’s office
To listen to something
The band teacher said we should hear.

At first it was just a guy talking
And sounds of applauding
As people bought
Lots at an auction,
And why this might int’rest
The two of us still wasn’t clear.

Sure, event’ally somebody
Started to sing,
But the song and the music
Weren’t really my thing,
‘Cause it mostly just sounded
Like recitative,
And I wasn’t impressed,
And I wished I could leave,
But the band teacher’s sitting there
Fully engrossed,
And to leave now would feel like
Deserting our host.
And I don’t even notice
He’s bumping the volume to “high” . . .


And before high school was over,
I’d bought ev’ry cast album
Andrew Lloyd Webber had written!

Then . . .

In March, ninety-three,
I go home for Spring Break
And I visit my fam’ly
And go see Evita,
Then on to Chicago
Where I’m gonna see Miss Saigon.

The mom of a friend
Who I stayed with insisted on
Getting us tickets to
Some other show
With a weird-sounding name
In the suburbs some thirty miles on.

So I wasn’t that thrilled
About having to go.
And we hit a raccoon
As we drove to the show.
And the theatre’s staging
This show in the round.
And it seems we’ll be stuck
With inferior sound,
‘Cause the orchestra’s
Off in some separate room
Looking in through a window,
And I just assume
I’ll be mis’rable
As the lights dim and we get underway . . .


And before college was over,
I’d gone out and bought
Ev’ry cast album Sondheim wrote, too!

It’s amazing how something can grab you.
It can reach in your brain
And then never let go
And expose you to so many things
You might never have known . . .

Then . . .

In early two thousand,
I finally purchased
The debut CD
Of one Audra MacDonald . . .



from SpinTunes #11: Round 1, released January 26, 2016




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