MC Ohm​-​I - If You Were Gay

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If you were gay tell me who could say
The things that you could do and couldn't do today
Who has the right to tell you how to choose your way
Or prevent you from marrying the one with whom you play

Church and state are supposed to be separate
So somebody explain to me how we can never get
To legalizing gay marriage. And better yet,
Explain to me why the whole process isn't effortless

Marriage has become nothing more than a legal binding
So I don't understand why these people are whining
I'm finding that those who are opposed are chiming
In with religion and others are aligning

Because they're homophobes and they overdose
On the Holy Ghost and believe the ideas that they're holdin' close
Should be held by everyone. I'm about to start chokin' folks
If they say that being gay isn't okey-doke
States are changing policies to allow for equality
But all of the changes won't change federal law, you see
The Defense of Marriage Act stills deny rights
And if it's not changed, it'll still provide plights

Tax credits and social security
Would not always apply if you were gay and you were the
Head of the household or the surviving spouse
Financial support, you would have to fight it out

Cause the laws aren't equal
For any child supported by homosexual people
In fact, many of the benefits are finito
And that's pretty disappointing like a movie of the year that doesn't have a sequel

If you were in a same-sex relationship and mad poor
And sold your home for over $250G, you'd get taxed more.
Yeah, it's true. I'm about to start chokin' folks
If they say that being gay isn't okey-doke


from SpinTunes #6: Round 4, released March 12, 2013
Sample: Avenue Q - If You Were Gay




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