Pete Murphy - Liars

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I once stared into the barrel of another life but the vision of you kept haunting me even after you'd run out of bullets so then you stuck out the tip of your serrated tongue and out spilled a gale force of violence so I backed off and tried another tack but it didn't work either now I realise there's no point in trying 'cause you'll never change always be the same this story ain't worth pursuing 'cause you've always been a...

Liar liar shame on you and your kind
Liar liar truth is something you can search for but never find

Then another time I was standing in a crowd full of people who couldn't look me in the eye for fear of showing just how evil they are so they started climbing walls to escape from the truth but the higher they climbed the further they'd fall when it all came out that honesty was the last thing to come out of their mouths so they all finally went south and drowned in a dirty ocean 'cause they're all just...

Liars liars shame on them and their kind
Liars liars truth is something they can search for but never find

And now I'm standing on my own in a room full of mirrors and I cut away the pain with a blunt pair of scissors I can't bear to be faced with my own reflection 'cause nothing helps the shame I feel I am a...

Liar liar shame on me and my kind
I'm a liar liar truth is something that I search for but never find
Liar liar shame on me and my kind
I'm a liar liar truth is something that I search for but never find... never find... never find...


from SpinTunes #10: Round 3, released February 17, 2015




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