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Starts off with the verses in 4/4, and choruses are 3/4.


You start off little
The spring sun shining through your door
Soon you’re moving
Crawling, walking cross the floor
Then you’re running outside on your own, to catch the ice cream man
Well if your mom says it’s ok with her-
You meet new people
You’re making friends and enemies
Bullies find you
Like skeeters on a summer breeze
And you can’t stay up and watch TV it’s time to go to bed
*sigh!* You wish that you were bigger, but you’re small-
And getting older.

And the sun comes up on a brand new day
The day is gone when you blink
So much to do; now you’re on your way
You hardly have time to think, it’s
Over in just a blink.

Next stop is High School
Hormones driving you insane
You find your first love- and your first heartbreak and pain
While you long to learn to drive, you’ve got to wait another year
What jerk was it who thought up algebra?
You’re almost ready!
College, job, a wedding ring
You hold your baby- feel the joy within you sing
And your folks become your friends as your life’s summer turns to fall
Till one day they aren’t there- you feel a chill
You’re getting older

The sun comes up on another day
The days fly past when you blink
So much to do still, you rush, and pray
There’s not enough time to think-
Life changes inside a wink.

Good Grief- you’re fifty?
You look at all you dreamed and did
Forgive the screw-up’s
Learn from the past- act like a kid!
Drive around and see the things you always wanted to before
Play with grandkids- see another new MD
Bifocal glasses
Speak up! Folk mumble all the time
Half price at movies!
Take pride in silver hairs that shine
While your body slows the winter days all fly past in a blur
Try to catch them but too late- they all are gone
You’ve gotten older

As the sun comes up on the final day
Unknown till that final blink
No more to do now, at close of day
You say good bye as you think-
My life went by in a wink.

You say your prayers, close your eyes and slip away
And where you wake up,
It’s a brand new bright spring day


from SpinTunes #1: Round 2, released July 14, 2010
By JoAnn Abbott with thanks to Edric Haleen, Caleb Hines, and Dave Leigh for letting me pick their brains, ask dumb questions, and for helping me figure out the basic chords and where to put them.




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